This page is intended for people involved in the UK Christian Booktrade.  It is simply a posting of documents which might be of interest.  The views expressed in each document are simply those of the author.

Proposed Christian Centre for Cardiff:

The business plan circulated in August 2011 (about 4MB in .pdf format) may be downloaded here:  Information Pack.pdf

Two Promotions - One Worked: 

We did 2 similar promotions in the summer of 2010, aimed at getting extra customers into the shop.  We offered 20% discount upon presentation of a voucher (not available or visible in the shop). 

The first voucher was in an advert we paid 250 to place in the local paper which was doing an article on our arcade. Only 1 extra customer. Failure.

The second was on 5000 bookmarks we designed and printed and supplied to local churches which had agreed to distribute them. Bookmark2010.pdf The cost was 85+VAT for 10k good quality bookmarks ( plus about 30 distributing them.  It was lots of work in contacting churches. Good feedback from churches AND over 30 extra customers, many of whom will come again.  SUCCESS. And the remaining bookmarks have been given away in the shop after the promotion ended.


Structured for Success:   Structured For Success.pdf
An article kindly published by Christian Marketplace (August 2010) discussing market power, trade discounts, web retailing and direct selling by publishers as these relate to Christian Bookshops in the UK.

Schizophrenia of STL:   Schizophrenia of STL.pdf
A note written for booksellers at the time of the transition from IBS-STL (old STL) and new STL (owned by John Ritchie Ltd).

Value Power and the Future: A Study of the UK Christian Book Trade:   MBA Report 1996 Stuart Arnold.pdf
A careful examination of industry structure.  A bit dated but raises some issues which may still be relevant and, arguably, important.


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